Sunday in the park with paws

This is what happens when you take a box of Doggie Breath Bones to the park…

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Click to EnlargeCharlie and Barney, who don’t stand on ceremony.

Click to EnlargeRosie, who is a lady.

Click to Enlarge Gomez, the Colonel.

Click to Enlarge Rosie and Charlie, hoping there’s more.

Click to Enlarge Is this thing on?

Click to EnlargeOlivia’s ready for her close up.

Click to EnlargeSometimes, after all that fancy food, you want to revert to the comfort of the familar. Barney chews a stick.

Click to EnlargeApple blossom….

….and Magnolia.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday in the park with paws

  1. Wendy – Well, if you’d seen the scandalous behaviour Miss Olivia gets up to, you wouldn’t be kissing her anytime soon.Lady P – I find the best reason I can often find to walk the dog are looming deadlines – then you’ll find me heading out into the wind and rain like it was the finest summer’s day!Mariana – Compared to the rest of the hellions, Rosie is a lady indeed. Just the sweetest little soul.


  2. A pictures says a thousand words. Charlie and Barney on their tipy toes. What a shot! However I do like Rosie. Aside from the fact our doggies name is Rosie she looks so demure and elegant. Looks like doggie breath bones are indeed a hit.


  3. LOvely! we today here in the Pacific Northwest are having a fine Spring day – within the last week some places nearby still had snowfall. Yeah for warn breezes and more reasons to walk the dogs!


  4. London always gets into spring mode early = all that city heat, Debora! Tender blossom images in that lovely city park. But for me, Olivia is the prettiest blossom of all. She looks too ladylike to shake hands. One would have to kiss her paw, I think.whttp://www.lifetwicetasted


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