And the winner is…


Well, what a delight it has been to read all of your replies to my Canteen: Great British Food competition. A real British banquet. Roasts featured heavily – beef, pork and chicken. There were puddings of all kinds – from Yorkshire (with and without ‘toad’) to shepherds’, bread and butter, sticky toffee and summer ones, pasties, fish and chips and Cromer crab, Anglesey eggs and omelette Arnold Bennett. A real yah boo sucks to those who say we have no real food culture.

I loved Kath’s thrifty description of a roast beef feast which transformed itself into dripping on toast, bubble and squeak, stock then doggy treats. So Kath, I have a nice runner up prize for you, a lucky dip from my cookbook collection.

But then Alex T  stormed in with his trippyfabulous banquet of egg and cress sandwiches, sausage rolls and Texan bars and a fondly remembered family lunch of steak and kidney pie, peas and Jersey Royals followed by strawberries with condensed milk and sugar. Any man who, in a delirious state, imagines himself to be a sausage sandwich, deserves a treat. So Alex T, this one’s for you.

7 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Hello Kath, Oh how lovely to be in Madeira. I hope you're having a blissful time. Do email me your address – just click on 'View my complete profile' in the top right hand corner and then click on the email link under 'Contact' – and I'll pop your little surprise in the post to you ASAP.



  2. Oh Debora, thank you, thank you. I am over the moon to be runner up. Sorry I have only just read this post. I am currently enjoying myself in Madeira on our Easter break and the thrills and spills of Funchal and a pool have distracted me from my own blogging and reading everyone else and technical hoops too high for me to jump are preventing me getting to my emails… Kath x


  3. HOT DOG! I KNEW it…I'm so glad you picked Mr. Snoopy Dance!Huzzah to him and bon app to his culinary adventures.

    Decidedly non-sausagey Karen Marline, who is also wont to do a bit of frugging a la Snoopy at times of great excitement.


  4. Hello Janice – Thanks – it was lots of fun for me too.
    Alex – So delighted you're doing a Snoopy dance and happy that the book has come at such a good time. As one who has lived through kitchen renovation hell and cooked to tell the tale, let me tell you you will need plenty of distractions. Do come back and share what you choose as your first celebratory dish…


  5. Thanks very much. This is the second thing I have ever won in my life and is bound to be much more useful than the cream egg and pencil sharpener I got in 1975. The kitchen is about to be torn out and rebuilt the week after next, so this couldn’t have come at a better time – I can distract myself from the mayhem by planning the first thing I am going to cook in the new one. I am now doing the little Snoopy dance of joy – as is my wont at times like this.


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